After another successful awards ceremony, we've announced our winners for 2018 after a rigorous voting and judging process. Thank you to all who nominated and voted, we're proud to support all of these amazing causes. Check out this year's winners below.

Building The Ark

Greater London

Won £45,000.00

The Horticultural and Sensory Garden at ‘The Ark’, what will be the only children’s hospice building in North and Central London, will enable seriously unwell children to access an inspiring space for relaxation and adventure. It will help them to live as children, not just patients.

There are 31 Community Project awards

Include ‘In’ Autism

Tyne and Wear

Won £4,000.00

We are wanting a sensory garden for the children and young people we support.

Ladywood Primary Sensory Pod


Won £4,000.00

I would like to purchase and build a Summer House or camping pod and convert it into a sensory area/safe space for the children at the school with Autism and other learning difficulties to enable them to calm down and be able to fully participate in day to day school life.

Ail Gyfle – Second Chance


Won £4,000.00

Ail Gyfle is a recycling charity set up to help those in the margins of society who feel they have no skills to offer. We recycle anything - wood, tyres, plastic and crockery whilst using those skills to encourage problem solving and social skills, as well as practical skills like carpentry.

Islay Dog Rescue – new kennel facility

East Ayrshire

Won £3,000.00

In order to rebuild our kennels, we will require more investment & we worry that we will be unable to continue saving lives of dogs on death row if we cannot rebuild or upgrade the current kennels by 2019.

Dementia Shed by Carers Choices


Won £2,000.00

Carers Choices wish to create a men's shed project for people with dementia. They have an existing Dementia Day Centre which offers a range of activities and wish to expand this to include woodworking and other practical activities. The Shed facilities will also be open to other community groups.

Denbury School Association


Won £4,000.00

The current outside learning area floor has become rotten and is unsafe to use, we urgently need to repair the area. The project aim is to make safe and overhaul the outside space to provide a secure environment and enhance the learning opportunities and experiences of the children.

Rebuilding Howick Cricket Pavilion as a Sports and Community Asset


Won £3,000.00

The existing Cricket Pavilion is beyond repair, we need to replace it and bring it up to modern day standards. The facilities are some of the worst in the cricket league and are massively below standard, when compared to modern requirements. We have planning permission and building regs. approval.

Stiltskin’s Soapbox Children’s Theatre


Won £5,000.00

Stiltskin's Soapbox Children's Theatre is an ex WW2 mustard gas decontamination unit. Stiltskin took on the building in 2014 to transform it into a Children's Cultural Hub where children and their families can experience theatre, arts projects and festivals throughout the year.

Denham United Ladies Football Club


Won £1,500.00

We are desperately trying to build a gym for our girls football club, but we have run out of funds to finish the building & the roof is now leaking. We desperately need this gym to help improve the fitness of our players and help to rehabilitate our girls when they get injured.

Veterans Retreat


Won £8,000.00

Nomad Adventure Therapy aims to build a veterans retreat in rural Stockport by training local veterans to build a number of log cabins and classroom. Veterans and their families can come for respite whilst learning how to cope with life outside the army and learn new trade skills.

future foundation skill centre


Won £2,000.00

It is a community Interest company registered as a CIC Charity . We give training to young adults with learning difficulties and Adults with ex Alcohol or drug problems or have been in the probation program. We give them training in Plastering and Building skill to increase their employability.

Sandwick School Observatory

Shetland Islands

Won £5,000.00

To design and build a timber framed observatory to house a restored local made telescope.


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