Ail Gyfle – Second Chance

Ail Gyfle is a recycling charity set up to help those in the margins of society who feel they have no skills to offer. We recycle anything - wood, tyres, plastic and crockery whilst using those skills to encourage problem solving and social skills, as well as practical skills like carpentry.

Llanelli is an area of third generation unemployment and high crime levels. Ail Gyfle was set up 4 years ago as a joint venture with Antioch church and Wales Community Rehabilitation Co, but is now a charity in its own right and has been working with Offenders to help improve their skills, both practical and soft skills with a view to helping them become more employable. We also support them with problems in their lives such as benefits, housing and relationships and work with Adult Learning Wales to provide accredited qualifications.
We have been given the opportunity to expand and work with people who have disabilities. Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to take this opportunity as we do not have a disabled toilet or kitchen and our yard needs work to level out access.
We have been in our new workshop for less than one year and have carried out a lot of work ourselves but have no money now to complete the work we would need to have done.
We have received grants to start us off but we now have the opportunity to work towards being self sufficient and sustainable, if we are able to take up this new partnership.
The charity is staffed by volunteers, most of whom have been service users in the past and are now role models to those who come there. Ail Gyfle is a unique provision, not only in Llanelli but also in Carmarthenshire.