Essex Search and Rescue storage

As the team has no premises the only storage the team have are 2 recently donated containers and a trailer to store equipment in. The containers require fitting out with racking, ventilation, portable generator and some internal lights.

The team are 100% volunteers who search for missing vunerable people in Essex, 24hrs a day all year round. The people the team search for include people living with dementia, children, people with mental health issues, dispondant or anyone deemed vunerable. They also support the local communities in civil contingencies such as flooding. Essex Search and Rescue also work with and alongside the Emergency services. Nobody receives any payment or expenses and all funding has to be raised though fundraising, street collections, applying for charitable grants or as more often this case team members using their own money. By installing shelving and lighting it would provide better 24hr access, make it safe for members in the hours of darkness and keep the teams hard earned equipment better protected rather than laying on the floor getting damp and damaged.