Low Wood Scout Activity and Camping Centre

The project is to take a former disused golf club site and turn it into an activity centre for scouts and other youth based organisations. The site has been derelict for two years prior to Scouts taking over the site and much of the work will be concentrated on building refurbishment and conversion.

Scouting helps give children and young adults the opportunity to realise their full potential. Scouting helps develop skills including teamwork, time management, leadership, initiative, planning, communication, self-motivation, cultural awareness and commitment. All are key attributes that prospective employers seek when interviewing and make a positive impact on any CV. There is the opportunity for every young person to take part in activities such as camping, climbing, canoeing, environmental projects, etc. It’s a great way to have fun, make friends, get outdoors, express their creativity and experience the wider world In Keighley, it is
unfortunate that there are areas with significant social deprivation, where there are limited or no opportunities for young people to go and experience the great outdoors local to them or to mix with other young
people from different communities.

Over 50% of young people who have recently joined Scouting have never been away on camp and ‘Our Vision’ is to develop a former golf club site into an activity and camping centre right on their door step which is easily accessible without traveling great distances and will make activities available for short duration visits. Since the site was transferred from Bradford District Metropolitan Council to Scouting late August 2017, significant amounts of work has been undertaken.

Work is well advanced with new toilets, showers and welfare facilities being installed. New kitchen areas are being developed with new flooring surfaces fitted. Improved access together with a wheel chair for disabled people has been installed. The general fabric of the main building is now water tight, and repairs to damage caused by numerous breaks in prior to the site hand over is nearly complete. Much of this work has been completed using volunteer staff and through the donation of materials or materials at reduced cost.

Where can you help....
If successful, the grant would go towards completing the building work in the club house building and improving services round the site for water and power distribution. With any project like this, we will endeavor to make any donation of money or material spread that bit further. As previously stated, we have achieved a great deal since August 2017 but have set a stretching target for the site to be open for use (with limited facilities) by September 2018. It is important we have this target because as the site becomes operational, an income stream is generated which can immediately be re-invested on further improvements, facilities / activities and development of other parts of the site. Through the kind donations of organisations and companies like you, any grants and contributions will make the full development of the site that bit
closer. We have never under estimated the scale and the amount of work to be undertaken but if the medium to longer term phases of development start that bit sooner, the young people of Keighley and from the wider area would benefit also that bit sooner too. Whilst the asset would be used by Scouting and will be open to all youth based organisations, schools and other educational establishments in the Keighley area, key to us getting the site was local support from residents living in the area. Part of the site is going to be open access for residents with development of new woodland and footpaths. The remainder of the site would primarily be used for camping, adventurous activities, training, educational and environmental studies. By developing this site into an activity and campsite, it will give young people from ALL communities across the district the opportunity to mix with other young people and to share and to learn from one another.