West Midlands Rotary Shelter Bus

We’re transforming double-decker buses into mobile homeless shelters to alleviate homelessness and rough sleeping in Greater Birmingham.

This is an amazing new project that will really the homeless community of Birmingham. This Bus will give valuable and required services such as mental health support, warmth, shelter and importantly support.

Rotary Shelter Bus is more than just a place to lie your head, it’s a home. We’ll provide every single tenant a place to sleep, shower and cook, in addition to private consultation facilities that give access to a range of health and advisory services. Every inch of the bus has been designed to maximise available sleeping spaces, whilst maintaining a level of privacy and comfort. Whether it’s one night or several, we aim to create a community that fosters self-improvement and empowerment.

How ShelterBus Works

Rotary ShelterBus works in partnership with local non-profit organisations to provide a range of care services to our beneficiaries. It all starts with a bus. First, our parent organisation, Rotary Club Birmingham Breakfast, will procure and renovate our ShelterBuses to meet all necessary comfort and safety standards. Once the ShelterBus is road-ready, we’ll partner with a local homeless charity to provide day-to-day care and administration whilst our bus is on the move. Every day, the ShelterBus will travel throughout Greater Birmingham, ensuring that all areas of our community are served. Our ShelterBus will be free as long as our tenants are in a full-time job or fulfil voluntary community services arranged daily by our team. It’s important that we give back to the community full-circle, whilst instilling skills that can help our tenants turn around their personal situations. Throughout the year, we’ll partner with a range of local charitable and for-profit organisations to provide food, healthcare and career advice to our beneficiaries. Anyone is welcome to partner with us and volunteer their time or resources.