Katharine House Hospice

Our current fire exit door on Bay 2 of our in-patient unit is only a single exit door, so our patients in that bay would either have to get out of bed to walk to the other bay’s fire exit or be wheeled to the other bay in their bed, which might not be possible in an emergency.

This upheaval could also be very distressing and painful for our patients. By creating a fire exit door in bay 2, it will mean easier and more immediate access for our patients in that bay and will allow them to stay in their bed and be wheeled to the fire safety point. The pavements outside the door will also need improving so the beds and wheelchairs can be easily wheeled to the fire safety point. The total cost of this project is £2,830. Currently, one on five people dying in the Stafford district will receive care from Katharine House Hospice and we support over 1,000 patients and their families each year.