SPLICE Child and Family Project

Splice Child and Family Project promotes the development and education of children aged 0 - 5 years as well as their families, parents and carers providing help and family support through the provision of training and recreational learning activities in a safe secure and stimulating enviroment.

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SPLICE Child and Family project offers a valuable service to the local community within Bridgend (which is both a town and a county) they aim to bring families together to learn about the value of play, and the benefits to the child’s overall development. They offer various courses aiming to relieve isolation, increase self-esteem and confidence therefore enhancing parenting skills and family life which in turn has a positive effect to the whole community. Last year over 150 individuals attended various sessions, courses and programmes at the project.
The world of a parent can be isolating and lonely. With a child, suddenly young parents don't have the time to spend with their single friends. So parenting classes are an ideal way to meet other parents who are in the same walk of life.Together, they can find parenting solutions and have an opportunity to socialize with individuals who can relate to their day-to-day struggles.
SPLICE is special because of the passion, qualities and caring nature of the staff who work there. The project arose in 2005 because of the unmet need within the community where staff who worked in the statutory sector actually gave up their jobs to help the many children and families who needed support. It became obvious that the families needed parental support to enable the families to stay together.
In 2008 SPLICE became a registered charity and has helped reduce social exclusion for numerous families and children, at the time SPLICE didn’t have their own base so rented, and at one point lost the building that they were using, the dedicated staff continued to support families in cafes, libraries and even in a gazebo in a carpark of a local supermarket, with some staff members working with out wages!
Through hard work and determination SPLICE started to receive funding and in 2010 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase their current building from the salvation army, it needed some renovations but with the help of the local community and lots of fund raising they managed to get it in a suitable state to start running their programmes, courses, creche and play sessions.
There is nothing like the service that they offer in the area and SPLICE needs the building to be upgraded so that they can provide a safe, secure environment for everyone who attends their community building.
As you can see it hasn’t been an easy road and the journey still isn’t over, when the team returned to work after the Christmas holidays it was discovered that there had been a leak in the roof which also caused some water damage. The roof has been patched up but they know that it’s only a matter of time until it needs renewing. On top of that the boiler also broke down and had to be replaced so it meant that the building couldn’t’ be used for all of January and precious funds had to be spent. Winning this prize would be the answer to their dreams, a new roof is a priority but also having child sized toilets installed would mean that they could become registered with CSIW which would enable them to hold longer creche sessions, holiday schemes, after school clubs which could help make the charity more sustainable, although planning permission wouldhave to be applied for the toilets.
SPLICE have dedicated staff, who go the extra mile to ensure that the service continues, any shortfall of funding if they won the prize would be raised by the staff and supporter all staff fundraise for the charity in their own time, holding table sales, buying raffle prizes and have recently a sponsored climb up Pen y Fan which is a mountain in the Brecon Beacons.
The staff do all this because theyknow that it can help stop children from going into care, it can give parents the confidence to do courses that may lead to a job, it relieves isolation, good parenting also helps the whole community as a whole new generation grows up there.
This project is unique and deserves to be supported.
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