Denham United Ladies Football Club

We are desperately trying to build a gym for our girls football club, but we have run out of funds to finish the building & the roof is now leaking. We desperately need this gym to help improve the fitness of our players and help to rehabilitate our girls when they get injured.

We are a community run football club with over 200 local girls. We are a committee team of 25 volunteers, who give up over 150 man hours a week for our girls to train & play matches. We believe that all children should be able to play sport as part of a team, no matter what your circumstances are, & therefore keep our annual fees to a minimum. We receive no external funding, apart from our own fundraising efforts & therefore struggle, as we always want the best for our girls. We are committed to developing our girls from age 6 right up to senior ladies & to give them a love of sport & fitness, whilst helping them to grow into strong, skilful, confident, team players who will be a positive part of the community. Many of our younger girls have gone on to be teachers, police women, Chelsea & Other club players and many are coaches and managers at our club. Most of all we believe in childhood and how as a club we can enrich that, we also believe in our girls having the confidence to say "I can", no matter how hard the challenge is & what other people tell them can not be achieved. We have a fantastic club, which is seriously underfunded & could so do with your help, so really improve our facilities. Our senior ladies have been so successful they play in the FA Super cup women's league, which is testament to the commitment of our coaches & managers. When we are supported in our projects it mean so much to us as volunteers, that we just want to keep on improving for our girls. The gym would be such a fantastic asset to us, helping us to grow as a club, improving our facilities, developing our girls & helping to attract new players to come and join us. Please help, we have the project on hold with no more funds to progress it.