Great Tower Scout Association – New Roof for the Bield

The Bield is our only indoor activity space for groups to eat, learn and have fun. It requires a new roof and we would like it to be a Green Roof so we can help the environment, and maintain a pivotal part of Great Tower allowing everyone to access it no matter there physical ability or background.

On our site we have a Building we refer to as the Bield. Originally, as the name suggests it was used as a Barn/Shelter. Today our site relies on the BIeld as a large undercover area which provides an area for groups to sit and eat, it allows activities to be carried out sheltered from the elements and it houses a small bouldering wall. Due to the terrain of our site it is very difficult for individuals who require a wheel chair or struggle with mobility to access many areas of our site. The Bield is a vital indoor space which is located directly adjacent to the main reception area and site centre, meaning it is accessible to everyone and allows us to give opportunity to all.
For the last couple of years the roof of the Bield has been gradually deteriorating, and in its current state it leaks badly in many areas, meaning that when it is raining, sections of the area have to be taped off, restricting what activities can take place.
Ideally we would like a Green roof which could serve then multiple purposes for a building, such as absorbing rainwater, providing insulation, creating a habitat for wildlife, and helping to lower urban air temperatures. As you will be aware there are many benefits to installing a green roof, especially in a location such as ours. Green roofing can extend the lifespan of a roof by over 200% by covering the waterproofing membrane with growing medium and vegetation, this shields the membrane from ultra-violet radiation and physical damage. We also have a large team of dedicated staff and volunteers so maintenance and upkeep of a green roof would not be an issue. A Prize amount of any value would be hugely received, but £10, 000 would mean we could get a long way to completing our project.
Great Tower was opened as a Scout Campsite in August 1936 and has since served as an invaluable place for Young people to come and have fun, learn new skills and make new friends. The site is situated close to the east shore of Lake Windermere, midway between Bowness and Newby Bridge and consists of 250 acres of heavily wooded and rocky terrain, with the highest point offering extensive panoramic views of the Lake District and the eastern hills of the Yorkshire Dales.
Our site revolves around scouting values, existing to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society. In Cumbria alone there are over 4000 Young people involved in Scouting and Great Tower has played a pivotal part in offering a place for them to come and camp and be together in a safe and welcoming environment. Great Tower is run by Scout Adventures as a national activity centre continuing to promote Scouting ethos, allowing Scouts from all over the country to visit. As well as Scouts we also have lots of local Primary School groups, Youth Groups and various other organisations coming to stay with us and experiencing what we have to offer.
Great Tower offers a range of activities from Caving and Ghyll Scrambling to Tomahawk Throwing, Archery and High Roped Activities. Alongside these we also promote true Scouting skills, teaching survival skills, bush craft, fire lighting, team work, and underlying all of this respect for everything around you.
We have put in this Bid as we believe the charity that is Scouting relies heavily on the work of Volunteers, we have hundreds of volunteers giving up their free time to come and bring young people to our site, help with the maintenance of our site and keep the family that is Scouting alive. To be able to replace the roof on the Bield would mean we can continue to host large Network events, and welcome everyone onto our site, continuing the amazing work for our community.
We are regular visitors to Jewson’s, Bowness, which is situated 3 miles away from our site. We receive excellent service from these guys and will continue to provide them with our business. To win a bid would mean the world to all of the