Include ‘In’ Autism

We are wanting a sensory garden for the children and young people we support.

I feel we should win because we support so many children and young
people. We teach social skills in order for them to be a part of their local
community and for each individual to be accepted for who they are. We
support ay families who have no other contact with families due to isolation
caused by their loved one's condition/disorder. Autism is on the rise and
will only get worse in local communities as well as isolation being on the
increase. Children and young people with autism need stimulation whether
this is through social communication or social interaction, however, it has
been researched that people with autism get so much out of being in a
garden area where there are smells of different plants as well as different
textures of plants. A water feature will also be beneficial to the children due
to the sensory feedback that they will get from this through the sound and
the touch. We have just obtained a new place for our children and young
people and would like to add a sensory garden to increase their social
skills further. I feel we should win because the area we are in is deprived
and has no other space for them to explore safely.

A sensory garden
would give so many children and young people so much pleasure through
sensory feedback which will be amazing for them to explore. Getting the
young people involved in growing vegetables from seed to plate will also
give them a sense of achievement once they see how things grow.

We also need a fence around the area so this can be a 'safe space' for
them to explore without the fear of them wandering away into danger
areas. This would mean so much to the children and the young adults that
we support as it would decrease their anxieties in a much calmer
environment when the world gets just too much for them.