Ladywood Primary Sensory Pod

I would like to purchase and build a Summer House or camping pod and convert it into a sensory area/safe space for the children at the school with Autism and other learning difficulties to enable them to calm down and be able to fully participate in day to day school life.

Ladywood Primary has an above average number of learners with Learning Difficulties. They have an excellent committed team of Staff, unfortunately when a child becomes anxious or distressed there is not a safe space for the child to take time out and regulate and refocus. They previously had access to the sensory room at the local Surestart till it’s closuer, however due logistical issues and having to take the child offsite this was never a viable option. My son is on the Autism Spectrum and is now in year 4. The addition of a sensory pod would make such a massive difference to my sons ( and other learners with Autism) ability to cope with day to day life in a Mainstream Learning environment, and could be the difference between a child injuring themselves a member of staff or another learner. I feel strongly they should win as a big thank you to the brilliant staff for all the help, dedication and hard work they do every day and could be the difference between a happy learner or suspension or exclusion for a child