Veterans Retreat

Nomad Adventure Therapy aims to build a veterans retreat in rural Stockport by training local veterans to build a number of log cabins and classroom. Veterans and their families can come for respite whilst learning how to cope with life outside the army and learn new trade skills.

My name is Laurence Moore, I served in The Mercian Regiment for 12 years leading men from Cheshire on operations in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. Along the way I developed post-traumatic stress which led to my medical discharge and complete implosion of my life. I lost my family, my career and sense of dignity. Quickly I switched from being a respected army officer to suicidal. It took a long time to climb out of this hole and create a new life which only really began when a local builder took a chance on me. He showed patience whilst teaching me a new trade and support when I relapsed. I am so grateful to this man and so now I have learned to cope with my symptoms and found peace, wish to give back to fellow veterans and those with mental health issues. Firstly I created an online support network at but realised that once a person is in a stable place they need a source of income. The building industry is similar to the military in terms of the sense of purpose, camaraderie, focus on planning and operations and realisation that risk is present and must be mitigated by team work. Therefore I realised that if we could train veterans in the skills needed to build their own project, it would give great experience, a sense of purpose and a hope filled future. They would be creating something which would give them confidence and skill whilst at the same time providing a location where those less progressed on their transition and recovery could go for respite. This centre would offer somewhere families could stay for short breaks as well as a location for both trade and wellness related courses could be held. Local tradespeople would volunteer to support the project and potentially offer employment upon completion of the courses.