Right Resolution community cafe

A Community café that will provide an alternative work experience for care leavers whilst bringing the local community together. Kingsheath has a broad diverse community the café will give the community a place to unite together and sessions can be facilitated with other services within the café.

Right Resolution CIC empowers, involves and develops the potential of children and young people that have previously been in care. Experience has shown us a high level of care leavers suffer from trauma, social isolation, and low-self esteem or suffer from a mental health conditions. The project therefore caters for equality because it allows for participation where nobody is excluded from employment.

We are in the development stage of creating a realistic workplace environment in the form of a community café, The Café will complement our existing service, which provides intensive support for care leavers who are NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) to identify their interests and engage them in learning activities and voluntary or paid employment. We recognise a gap and an opportunity: providing a nurturing environment where young people that are currently or have previously been in care can be introduced to the expectations of the workplace (punctuality, presentation, attitude to the workplace) without the risk of falling at the first hurdle and with the continuous support from a participation worker with whom they already have a relationship with. This will increase the success of the employment and learning which would be the next step. Therefore, the Café will act as a great platform for these Young People to overcome barriers as well as provide an income generation source to continue to support and expand the service to deliver and develop further projects to offer young people leaving care. Care leavers will be involved in all aspects of the planning and running the café from being involved in the development work, fundraising, designing the café. Once the café is open the young people will have experience to learn about food preparation/stock control/ serving customers.

The Young person will learn and achieve qualifications in food hygiene and how to make healthy food choices. The community café will be in the socially deprived area of Kings Heath, The IMD overall ranking for this area is 854, a neighbourhood in the 10% most deprived in the country. During the consultation the local community has indicated they would like a café, and we will be looking at creating healthy food on a budget. February 2017 BBC news published the below statement. Young people who have grown up in care are far more likely to die in early adulthood than other young people, Freedom of Information figures reveal. They show 90 people who left care in England between 2012 and 2016 died in the years when they would have turned 19, 20 or 21. Care leavers make up 1% of the population at these ages, but make up around 7% of the deaths. The government says it is investing £10m in support for those leaving care. While an exact comparison is difficult, the official figures, showing people who left care between 2012 and 2016, indicate they are roughly seven times more likely to die when they are aged from 18 to 21 than other young people of a similar age. With this in mind as an organization experienced in working with care leavers we can break this down and look at providing the intense support and 1-1 work through this project that many care leavers need, the project will look to provide a staff team who can guide and support a young person through work experience/traineeships whilst also supporting emotional and social needs. 34% Care leavers NEET at 19 compared to 15.5% of the general population.-Comptroller and Auditor general 2014. One in four of all rough sleepers have been in care (Crisis 2017).

Through the community cafe offering an alternative work experience/traineeship to build confidence, self esteem and a working tolerance to accepting change we can make a change to these statistics and more importantly young people's lives so they can move forward and create a brighter future for themselves.
We have a building rent free for a year that requires renovating in order to start the community café, On going charitable rent.