Porthleven School Multi Community Project

We have extensive grounds at our school We host events throughout the the year for 14 schools in our trust, their families and community members (4000 pupils) We also host Armed Forces Day, multi community fundraising events. We need outdoor toilets and showers to continue what we do

I think we should win as we are deeply committed to building a better future not only for our kids and communities, but surrounding communities and their families.

We have over 4000 pupils in our Educational Trust and we host really big events at Porthleven School.
We are the only school in the Trust with the grounds to do so. I have been fundraising for over 7 years for Porthleven School as a volunteer and love the very bones of it! Its a school that not only encourages kids academically but really cares about the kids.
We have fund raised for our sporting facilities, raising over 90k. (and lots of other projects)
Our multi use games area is used by external clubs, local football clubs, brownies, youth clubs, other schools, fitness clubs etc but due to lack of toilet and shower facilities, these can only be used during school hours or if we rent portaloos. This is restricting us using and renting the facilities during weekends, summertime and the evenings.
If we had an outdoor shower block and toilets it would have a huge positive impact on our pupils and schools future. We could use the rental fees to sustain it, pay for maintenance and possible expansion. We normally pay for our children to go camping (we live in a socially deprived area, with a high number of families living in poverty) and having these facilities means we can offer those children camping trips for free.
Other times we can charge and use the income for the school and to sustain it.
I cant stand entitlement, so we encourage our children to work hard for funds and get the whole school involved. We want the kids to work hard and see that if we all work hard together, we can build a solid foundation for them and hard work reaps reward.
We have an excellent relationship with Jewsons in Helston. They have helped us along with companies like Interserve build a pupil kitchen facility, they are our guests at our Armed Forces Days (over 2,000) visitors. We host big events and invite lots of other charities to take part, free. So having this facility ensures our fundraising, sporting events, community events, multi school sports tournaments, fitness groups, football clubs etc can continue using our premises all year round.

We encourage children to get active and do more sports, introducing after school activities. At the moment we rent outside toilets but we simply don't have the funds to continue to do so. Having Jewsons support would be life changing for Porthleven School.
Not every child is academic but amazing at building things, some are great at both. I have started to fundraise for a 'Tots trade' facility at the school. We will invite local tradesmen to show various trades and get them building things, the tradesmen we have signed up are able to help but only outside of working hours. The lack of toilet facilities has ground this project to a halt.
We started a gardening club to educate children on how to grow and then cook fruit and veg. Again we are limited in the summer as the school main building is closed and a lot of the plants die off during this season as we are unable to extend classes due to lack of toilets outside.
We can bring this project in for the just under 48k split between labour and materials. We have great relationships with local and national building firms, we even took our kids to a local housing building site and has a 'builders day out'. If we are successful, I'd very much like our kids to be involved with the planning etc. It would be a brill legacy for them to leave at Porthleven School.

We could open up our school to other schools across the UK for camping - so the potential people benefiting is unlimited really. We live in a beautiful part of Cornwall.

We made a little comedy video yesterday (see below) and would be delighted if successful to do a follow up with the Jewson branding, have Jewson open the facilities, get some sports activities going etc and celebrate with a media day, thanks again for giving us a chance