John Simkins

John is such a friendly and honest builder - he is always saving his customers money. He is highly respected by his customers and generally is a workaholic! He also likes to go that extra mile with no intention of financial gain.

John works so hard for all his customers - his next project is really dear to his heart. A very close friend is needing to have her house adapted to suit the needs of her beautiful disabled son - the requirements and requests are not over and above, but the basic requirements to make his day to day living just a little easier. John has taken it upon himself to create a mini 'DIY SOS' style build - he is calling in trades to offer their time/some of their time for free and has approached many suppliers to see what discount or complimentary items he is able to obtain.
Planning a renevation is no mean feat, so please consider the fact that that John wants to make it as cost effective as he possibly can - which may enable the family to purchase other items to provide safety and comfort to the little lad - we arent talking luxuries, we are talking a thicker pile carpet, black out blinds, sensory lighting, a spare fabric seating for the hoist.

I am so proud of John for wanting to do this project, even more proud that he wants to perform it the way he has chosen. He truly deserves to win a share of the funds so all this can become easily achievable.