Steve Dixon

Steve,47 is a husband and dad to 4 children. Steve is currently in hospital undergoing rehab to aid his recovery and to hopefully get him home to his family following a series of health complications.

Steve was admitted to hospital due to a chest infection, which led to pneumonia and then he developed sepsis. On the night of his discharge Steve had a stroke which has left him paralysed down the left hand side. Following brain surgery to remove half of his brain Steve is now having to learn how to live again with his life altering injuries.
Before Steve's admission into hospital he was a hard working dad going to work as a site engineer surveyor. His wife is currently having to manage looking after their 4 children aged 2, 6, 11 and 15 and also going to visit Steve in hospital everyday. The hospital are looking to discharge Steve back home but unfortunately as they own their own house there is no financial support for them to make the necessary alterations to allow this to happen. Steve is unable to do anything for himself and will require carers once home to assist with day to day life. Alterations at home might sound simple but they are costly and time consuming for a family already under intense pressure. These include widening of the doors to allow a wheelchair through. A wet room with a hoist so that Steve can be washed. Alterations in the bedroom to allow a specialist bed to be brought in.
Steve was always willing to help out friends and family when he was required and now they simply want to give something back to him and with the help of this award we would be able to help in his four children having their daddy back at home and to continue with a different type of family life.

Steve and his wife are trying to stay positive for the sake of their children but the pressures on them can be seen by those close to them and it makes you put your own life in perspective. Watching a close friend struggle with what you would consider a basic task and then think about when did you take a minute in your life just to be thankful for what you have.