Jamie Borthwick

Jamie is a full time interior designer but in his own time for Make A Wish Foundation designs, constructs and installs new bedrooms for children with terminal ilness or life changing conditions.

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Project information

  • Location of project
    Barton Upon Humber, Yorkshire and the Humber

  • Submitter
    Jessemy Evans

  • Award category
    Trade Hero

Project Introduction

After spending a day at work on his payed job, Jamie voluntatily spends his evenings drawing up plans and his weekends travelling to the homes of families to coordinate these projects. I have been with Jamie helping on these projects and seen how he uses his design and construction skills to turn a medicalised and clinical bedroom into one which is a special space for these children, whixh goes a little way towards normalising life a little for them. Jamie has to work on a relatively small budget which means he never gets to see the bedrooms reach the potential he sees in them. After all the time and work Jamie selflessly puts into these projects, I think Jamie deserves to see the bedrooms reach their full potential without the financial limitations he works against, not to mention the difference this will make to the families.

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