John Eastham

John has given up much valued time, in assisting with renovating two homes, for helping our charity Listening Out Loud Foundation, to enable us to look after veterans and he has also taken the time to help train one of our veterans, to enable him a new start after leaving the armed forces.

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Project information

  • Location of project
    Congleton , North West

  • Submitter
    Andrew Dolman-Bayley

  • Award category
    Trade Hero

Project Introduction

Without his help, knowledge and contacts, we would still be no further to the finish line, to help house eight more veterans, albeit there's still plenty more work to be done, we can now see the end goal in one property and Organisation and plans are being made for the second property, what he has done is remarkable, not only with transitioning of the building project, but also helped a veteran, who is now growing in the building trade and with his mental health issues really enjoying his new career, he is also prepared to help over veterans and in time we as a charity and with Johns help would like to move our projects around the country to assist other veterans in need.

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